Training is ON Today, November 20: Strong Wind, But Warm and Dry

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Wezwas Continue Training on Car-free Sunday

Wezembeek, September 16- Wezwas will have to find a car-free way to get to the Elephant fields on Sunday, September 18. As every year, the roads of Brussels will turn to a velodrome for 12 hours from 9am to 7pm, which means that if you live in the Belgian and...

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WEZWA Resumes on September 11

Brussels, September 8 – Wezwa opens its 27th season on September 11. You will find some brand new equipment (goals/balls) and all lot of good old friends (and coaches :-)) on the BSB Elephant fields this Sunday. There is a slight risk of rain in the morning, so get ready for...

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Wezwas Go to Maccabi on May 28-29 (Address Update)

Wezembeek, May 25, 2016- The final tournament of the season, the traditional Maccabi event, will feature 5 Wezwa teams: U11 and U15 will open on Saturday (May 28) morning, followed by U13 (Saturday afternoon) and U7 (Sunday, May 29, morning) and U9 (Sunday afternoon). For the exact schedule, check the Tournaments section of the...

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May Day Break Opens Tournament Season

Wezembeek, April 27, 2016 – Wezwites take a day off on May 1 to return in force on May 8 for the last training before the tournament season opens on May 16 in Huldenberg for U13. A majority of the age groups will then play in Grez-Doiceau on May 21/22, and the tournament...

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Wezwites Take Two-week Carnival Break

Wezwa is taking a Carnival break on February 7 and 14, but no worries, we are back on February 21, relaxed and ready for a new set of drills and a few minutes of football, too…. and no regrets, the pitches are too soft and muddy anyway, and it may get even...

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Wezwites Stay Home This Sunday, Pitch Frozen

Brussels, January 16, 2016- Low temperature and frozen pitch mean that there will be no training on Sunday, January 17. We hope that you will be enjoy some sporting activities elsewhere and that we will be able to see you back at BSB Elephant pitches on January 24.

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New Year Welcomes Wezwas Back at BSB

Wezembeek, January 1 – After two trainings in Diependal, Wezwa will return to BSB Elephant Fields on January 10 for the first training in 2016. And since the winter has finally come to Brussels, don’t forget to bring warm clothes and other winter accessories. All the trainers and helpers are...

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No Rain for Last Training before Halloween Break

Hi, Wezwas, get ready for the last training before the two-week Halloween break. The weather should be pretty mild, with no rain, so come and enjoy… And don´t forget to bring your bottles and mugs for water and coffee. After the break, we resume on November 8.

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Wezwa Back on September 13, 10am

Wezwa will resume trainings already this Sunday, September 13, as early as at 10am. Bring your kits and raincoats as we may be welcomed back by some rain. Moreover, it is no longer possible to reach the Elephant pitches by the road along the Korean House, so check the Google maps...

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Wezwa to Celebrate 25th Anniversary on June 14

Wezwa is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!!! To mark this auspicious occasion, the traditional end of the season tournament will be one not to be missed. It will be held on SUNDAY, JUNE 14, so make a note already in your diaries. From 10am until 3pm we will have...